League Tables 2018 ~ Saturday League Division 3

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Rules & Bylaws - Rule 25: Clubs shall not arrange any Open Handicaps or Competitions on the same day as a league handicap, or any other closed competition organised by the league. Clubs failing to observe this rule will be liable to expulsion.

PosTeam NamePlayedWonLostDrawPointsForAgainstDiff
1James North MBC111100121.5 20561535+521
2Victoria B9810107 17401185+555
3Hadfield B1275092.5 20261839+187
4Dukinfield Central1174088.5 19601698+262
5Hyde Club1165082.5 17631809-46
6Hyde Park B1147069 17211796-75
7Manor Park1138060 17181887-169
8Spring Gardens B1028045 13781861-483
9Woodley Sports B12111039 15462298-752