League Tables 2018 ~ Saturday League Division 2

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Rules & Bylaws - Rule 25: Clubs shall not arrange any Open Handicaps or Competitions on the same day as a league handicap, or any other closed competition organised by the league. Clubs failing to observe this rule will be liable to expulsion.

PosTeam NamePlayedWonLostDrawPointsForAgainstDiff
1Woodley Sports A161330150.5 29222553+369
2Trades Hall161330148.5 28282511+317
3Glossop161240125 27782658+120
4Hyde Park A16880114 27202722-2
5Friendship 166100112 26752740-65
6Spring Gardens A165110108.5 26202794-174
7Etherow166100103 26022818-216
8Romiley Arms16511096 26402794-154
9Gamesley16412096 26172812-195