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Husband Cup 2019 Draw

by Daniel Sands - Longdendale Match Secretary - Friday 11 January 2019

Husband Cup Draw 

Round 1 - Saturday 18th May 2019

 (+15) Grapes Hotel Vs Hyde Club (+79) @ James Norths

(+73) Dukinfield Central Vs Hadfield B (+76) @ Etherow

(+91) Spring Gardens B Vs Hyde Park A (+44) @ Hadfield

(+35) George & Dragon Vs Etherow (+53) @ Dukinfield Central

(+12) Great Moor Vs Tintwistle (+38) @ Friendship

(+56) Victoria B Vs Fairfield (+9) @ New Mills

(+21) Trades Hall Vs Denton Park SBC (+70) @ Great Moor

(+53) Romiley Arms Vs Woodley Sports B (+88) @ Victoria

(+0)   Burbage Vs Victoria A (-3) @ Spring Gardens

(+41) Glossop Vs New Mills (+18) @ Grapes

(+6)   Hadfield A Vs Hyde Park B (+82) @ Romiley Arms

(+62) James Norths MBC Vs Woodley Sports A (+24) @ Hyde Park

(+21) Delamere Park  Vs Manor Park (+85) @ Denton Park

(+47) Friendship Vs Spring Gardens A (+50) @ Woodley Sports

(+70) Gamesley Bye 

Cup Draws

by Pete Conway - Longdendale Match Secretary - Saturday 22 September 2018

Longdendale Cup Finals at Hadfield BC, this Saturday (22nd) 1pm Start.
All spectators welcome. Refreshments and BBQ available all day. 
BCGBA dress code applies and there will be scoreboards in operation. 

Jim Winning Plate Final

Romiley Arms (44) v Trades Hall (61)

1 Phil Shaw v Marie Towse 
2 Alan Yates v Daniel Beard 
3 Craig Lindfield v David Wardle 
4 Andoreen Stewart v Pauline Richmond 
5 Martin Ibbotson v Lawrence Gash 
6 John Osborne v Keith Wardle 
7 Brian Langley v Martin Beard 
8 Steve Hutchinson v Jackie Bannister 
9 Keith Wike v Mathew Bailey 
10 Kevin Greener v Kevin Bannister 
William Husband Cup Final 

Victoria ‘B’ (73) v Victoria ‘A’ (15)

1 Peter Waggett v John Davies 
2 Paul Reynolds v Iain Dunbar 
3 Benny Scott v Gareth Whittaker 
4 Ian Sherry v Andy Jones 
5 Steve Ready v Mike Bacon 
6 Adrian Crannage v Ian Stokes 
7 Lee Reynolds v Graham Edwards 
8 Cliff Thickett v Mark Bennett 
9 Keith Hadfield v Steve Wooding 
10 Bob Hamnett v Stephen Waterhouse

Cup Finals

by Pete Conway - Longdendale Match Secretary - Monday 17 September 2018

Husband Cup and Winning Plate Finals will be at Hadfield on Saturday 22nd September, 1pm start

Winning Plate
Romiley Arms (44) v Trades Hall (61)

Husband Cup
Victoria B (73) v Victoria A (15)

Hadfield will be providing refreshments all day including a BBQ.

Scoreboards will be in operation.

Can captains send their teams, in playing order, with reserves, to me by Wednesday evening so that I can do the programmes, Also as usual for the finals, BCGBA dress code applies, so can captains ensure their players are fully aware. This will be enforced and I don't want someone not playing because they rock up in jeans and a t-shirt.

Husband Cup & Winning Plate - Semi Finals - Saturday 8th September

by Pete Conway - Longdendale Match Secretary - Sunday 02 September 2018

Semi finals on Saturday 8th Sept are as follows :

Winning Plate
Romiley Arms (44) v Woodley Sports A (41) @ Friendship
Trades Hall (61) v Manor Park (91) @ George & Dragon

Husband Cup
Victoria B (73) v Friendship (50) @ Woodley Sports
Victoria A (15) v Dukinfield Central (76) @ Glossop

Good luck to all 8 teams. The finals of both competitions will be on Hadfield the week after.

Bob Berry Pairs

by Pete Conway - Longdendale Match Secretary - Wednesday 29 August 2018

The Bob Berry Pairs was held at New Mills on Sunday 26th August, with 12 hardy pairs ignoring the terrible weather to fight it out for the title. From early on it looked like home advantage might pay off for father and son Richard and Callum Briddon, who made light work of the other father and son duo, John and Will Archibald 21-10. Leigh Smith and Paul Bannister also looked to be revelling in the conditions seeing off Ian Cranston and Andy Murray 21-13. With a game less the pairs in the bottom half of the draw looked like they may have an advantage, staying drier for a bit longer. Tracy Golpin and Colin Parrott just got home 21-19 against Paul Morris and Steve Barber whilst Trades Hall duo Dave Wardle and Andy Jepson looked happier in the rain than Dan and John Golpin, winning 21-10.

The semi finals saw the two form pairs emerge victorious, but having played marvellous all day in the rain there was only to be one winner.

Semi Finals
Leigh Smith & Paul Bannister 21 Callum & Richard Briddon 16
Andy Jepson & Dave Wardle 21 Tracy Golpin & Colin Parrott 13

Leigh Smith & Paul Bannister 21 Andy Jepson & Dave Wardle 8

Big thank you to New Mills for hosting the event and especially to Dave Orridge and Lawrence Gash for their help with the refreshments and for doing a sterling job with the measuring.

Husband Cup & Winning Plate - Quarter Finals - Saturday 1st September

by Pete Conway - Longdendale Match Secretary - Monday 13 August 2018

Husband Cup
Victoria B (73) v Fairfield (38) @ Romiley Arms
New Mills (9) v Friendship (50) @ Hyde Park
Victoria A (15) v Grapes (35) @ Great Moor
Gamesley (70) v Dukinfield Central (76) @ George & Dragon

Winning Plate
Romiley Arms (44) v Etherow (53) @ Tintwistle
Woodley Sports A (41) v Hadfield A (6) @ James North
Trades Hall (61) v Tintwistle (21) @ Etherow
Spring Gardens B (82) v Manor Park (91) @ Gamesley


Dave Drury League Merit

by Pete Conway - Longdendale Match Secretary - Sunday 15 July 2018

There were 28 entrants on Saturday for the Dave Drury League Merit, held at the Romiley Arms. Burbage's Phil Clapham played well all day to emerge a worthy winner after beating Dave Durham 21-14 in the Final. It looked like being a close affair as they levelled at 5's, 7's, 9's, 11's and 12's. Clapham started to turn the screws and piled in a couple of telling 2's to race ahead to 19-12. A double to Durham gave hope of a fight back but Clapham wasn't to be denied and crossed the line with a couple of singles. Big thanks to Steve Hutchinson and Phil Homer from Romiley for getting everything ready for us, providing refreshments and lots of pegging. Thanks to all the others tha helped out with the measuring.


Quarter Finals

Phil Clapham 21 Paul Morris 17
Gary Horan 15 Phil Homer 21
Dave Durham 21 John Davies 19
Ivor Hulme 16 Willie Owen 21

Semi Finals
Phil Clapham 21 Phil Homer 12
Dave Durham 21 Willie OWen 12

Phil Clapham 21 Dave Durham 14

Husband Cup and Winning Plate Draw & Venues - Saturday 28th July 2018

by Daniel Sands - Longdendale Match Secretary - Saturday 14 July 2018

Cup Draws & Venues

Draw and venues for the next round of the Husband Cup and Winning Plate (Saturday 28th July) are as follows :-


Husband Cup 


Hyde Park A (47) v Victoria B (73) @ Tintwistle

Burbage (Scr) v Fairfield (38) @ Trades Hall

New Mills (9) v James North (59) @ Etherow

Friendship (50) v Delamere (12) @ Manor Park

Great Moor (9) v Victoria A (15) @ Woodley Sports

Grapes (35) v Glossop (56) @ Dukinfield Central



Gamesley (70) 

Dukinfield Central (76) 


Winning Plate 


Romiley Arms (44) v Hadfield B (67) @ George & Dragon

Etherow (53) v Spring Gardens A (27) @ James North

Hyde Club (79) v Woodley Sports A (41) @ Great Moor

George & Dragon (21) v Hadfield A (6) @ Friendship (10:30 am start)

Woodley Sports B (67) v Trades Hall (61) @ Spring Gardens

Hyde Park B (88) v Tintwistle (21) @ Romiley Arms



Spring Gardens B (82) 

Manor Park (91)

Presidents Handicap

by Pete Conway - Longdendale Match Secretary - Thursday 21 June 2018

A fabulous turn out of 52 players contested the Presidents Handicap at a superb George & Dragon green. Trades Hall's Kevin Bannister emerged a very worthy winner, winning 6 games on a very warm day, beating Derbyshire County player Richard Peach 21-19 in the final. Kevin made use of the extra 3 chalk handicap to race into an 11-3 lead. Peach rallied and slowly pegged it back to level at 17 across and it looked like his greater experience might just get him over the line. But Kevin looked like a man who just didn't want to lose and played a couple of great bowls in the last couple of ends to get him over the line. Thanks to the George & Dragon for the use of the green and to all those that helped out with measuring and marking.

Longdendale Presidents Handicap
Quarter Finals
Mark Bennett 15 Ivor Hulme 21
Kevin Bannister 21 Dave Rigby 12
Richard Briddon 19 Richard Peach 21
Jackie Bannister 12 Ian Cranston 21

Semi Finals
Ivor Hulme 20 Kevin Bannister 21
Richard Peach 21 Ian Cranston 17

Kevin Bannister 21 Richard Peach 19

Presidents 2018


Husband Cup 2018 - 1st round results received (winners in red)

by Pete Conway - Longdendale Match Secretary - Sunday 20 May 2018

Round 1 - Saturday 19th May


New Mills (9) 219 v Manor Park (91) 176 @ Glossop

Hadfield B (67) 148 v Great Moor (9) 219 @ Romiley Arms

Glossop (56) 210 v Hadfield A (6) 198 @ Gamesley

Tintwistle (21) 172 v Grapes (35) 218 @ Spring Gardens

Friendship (50)  236 v Romiley Arms (44) 213 @ Great Moor

Dukinfield Central (76) 217 v George & Dragon (21) 205 @ James North

Trades Hall (61) 197 v Burbage (Scr) 203 @ Fairfield

Hyde Park A (47) 248 v Spring Gardens B (82) 184 @ George & Dragon

Gamesley (70) 231 v Spring Gardens A (27) 195 @ Tintwistle

Fairfield (38) 231 v Etherow (53) 177 @ Manor Park

Victoria B (73) 265 v Hyde Club (79) 250 @ Friendship

Hyde Park B (88) 204 v James North (59) 263 @ Woodley Sports

Woodley Sports B (67) 143 v Victoria A (15) 225 @ Hyde Park

Woodley Sports A (41) 186 v Delamere (12) 204 @ Dukinfield Central

Glossop Competitions

by Pete Conway - Longdendale Match Secretary - Friday 04 May 2018

There are still a few places available for the Glossop Open Bowls Competition this coming Bank Holiday Monday, 7th May 2018
Its only a £5 entry for up to 32 players
10 am start - 21 up no practice.
Send cheques to Andy Dawson 31 Queen Street, Glossop SK13 8EL

Contact Andy at  dawsya21@gmail.com - Tel 07594 551939 for more information

Glossop are also hosting the Harriet Jackson Trophy on Sunday 29th July 2018 - starting at 10.30am
Again it’s just £5.00 to enter - 21 up - no practice. Up to 32 players.
Open to members of the Longendale League and residents of Glossop. Same contact details, Andy Dawson

Longdendale qualifier for the Derbyshire Merit

by Pete Conway - Longdendale Match Secretary - Monday 30 April 2018

There were only 4 entries for the Derbyshire Merit Qualifier held at Gamesley.

Qualifying game :-

Nigel Armstrong (Hadfield) 21 Richard Briddon (New Mills) 12

Thanks to John Hulston for all his help.

Good luck Nigel. 

Husband Cup 2018

by Pete Conway - Longdendale Match Secretary - Saturday 13 January 2018

Date & Venues

Round 1 - Saturday 19th May

New Mills (9) v Manor Park (91) @ Glossop

Hadfield B (67) v Great Moor (9) @ Romiley Arms

Glossop (56) v Hadfield A (6) @ Gamesley

Tintwistle (21) v Grapes (35) @ Spring Gardens

Friendship (50) v Romiley Arms (44) @ Great Moor

Dukinfield Central (76) v George & Dragon (21) @ James North

Trades Hall (61) v Burbage (Scr) @ Fairfield

Hyde Park A (47) v Spring Gardens B (82) @ George & Dragon

Gamesley (70) v Spring Gardens A (27) @ Tintwistle

Fairfield (38) v Etherow (53) @ Manor Park

Victoria B (73) v Hyde Club (79) @ Friendship

Hyde Park B (88) v James North (59) @ Woodley Sports

Woodley Sports B (67) v Victoria A (15) @ Hyde Park

Woodley Sports A (41) v Delamere (12) @ Dukinfield Central